January 27, 2021

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Learn the Steps to Writing a Book Review Like an Expert

Simple Steps to Write a Book Review

Many students struggle to write a winning book review because they do not consider the basics. The first step is to read the material you want to review and get a general feel. Like any other academic writing piece, you must ensure you do a proper study and understand the requirements.

College students do a lot of writing that comes in different shapes. The requirements for completing a persuasive essay are different from drafting a book appraisal. Therefore, you need to know what to do to ensure you deliver the best piece. You can learn from professionals if you do not know how to do it. This article will help you to understand the steps to follow to complete your review.

Whether you are a novice writer or a learner, this article will help you learn how to complete a perfect piece. Not that drafting is an art, and anyone can know. Following professional writers will help you write like a pro. Here are the tips to follow to complete an excellent book appraisal.

Start with a summary of the book

Like any other essay, you need to set the mood for our paper. The introduction helps you to hook the reader and provide an overview of the work you are appraising. It allows you to create a context for your audience. The summary must be clear to help the reader understand your piece from the start. You can also read what other writers have done to ensure you do excellent writing.

Share the essential features of the book

Focus on these three things to make a fantastic overview of the critical parts of the book. Share the character, themes, and plot. However, it varies with books and genres. You can select a particular piece for each essential aspect. Ensure you elaborate on how the writer managed to express them and what is fascinating about them.

Include some quotes as samples

Quoting some phrases and passages in the book is ideal for it provides a vivid show of everything you say. It shows that you have read your piece and understood every aspect of it. Do it sparingly because using long phrases can take a larger space and overshadow your appraisal. Use short quotes to make your work excellent.

Compose a conclusion that sums all that you have provided

A conclusion should be short and provide the final thought about your writing. You need to sum up the appraisal's main ideas and give the overall standpoint of your book.

Find similar books

It is an excellent way to wrap up your review. Let the readers know that you have extensive information about what you are appraising. For instance, say that you will also like this one if you are a fan of the book. You can also get to specific details that make the books similar.

Give a star rating

If you are appraising for a blog, it is necessary to give a star rating because it is accepted in most sites. You can also break your rating for the plot, characters, and world-building, among others.